Troubleshooting Tips for the Mobile App

Troubleshooting steps to assist your customer with the Nokē Storage Smart Entry mobile app and other device issues.

The tenant did not receive the SMS text with the activation code and the download for the Nokē mobile app. What should you check?

Is the rental process displaying as completed in your property management system (PMS) software?

The new information will not sync in the Web Portal until the rental has been processed in your PMS software

Is the unit showing Occupied with the new tenant's information in the Nokē Web Portal?

Upon syncing, the unit status will change from Available to Occupied and the new tenant information will be assigned to the rented space. This may take 1-5 minutes to complete. Refresh the Web Portal's browser to display the latest data, or click Update Customer Data, if available. Finally, click Refresh in the Web Portal.

Update Customer Data Button

Web Portal Refresh Icon

Refresh Icon

Is the correct phone number in the Web Portal? 

Some PMS software has a designated field for a mobile number in the tenant contact information. Make sure the mobile number is entered correctly in that space. If not specifically designated, enter the tenant's mobile number in the primary number field. Complete any editing needed in your PMS, and then refresh the Web Portal to sync the Nokē tenant's data.

Was an email address used to register this user instead of a mobile number?

If so, have the user check that email account for the message containing the link to download the Nokē Storage Smart Entry mobile app and the temporary PIN that is required to create an account.

Does the user have a cellular or WI-FI data signal to receive an SMS message?

Verify the tenant is able to receive SMS text messages right now. If the user's device is in an area with poor cell service and isn't connected to WI-FI, the device is probably not receiving the activation code text message.

When is the lease start date?

If the rental is a future move-in, the tenant will receive the SMS text message with the activation code, but access will not be available until the lease start date.

Does the user already have a Nokē Smart Entry account?

A: Nokē Smart Entry recognizes that this user already has the mobile app and a registered account, so it will not send a new activation code that could reset their current account. 
  • If the user already has an account at this facility, refresh the mobile app.
  • If the user already has an account at another facility within the same storage company, then have the user login to the mobile app and refresh it. The mobile app will now give the user a drop-down arrow next to the facility name to switch between facilities.
  • If the user's account is at another facility that is not within the same storage company, log out and log back into the mobile app to display a list of all companies the user has access to.
The tenant's account is set up but still having issues:

Before troubleshooting the user's device, try a different device first to isolate that the problem is with the mobile app, mobile phone, or with Nokē equipment.

See How to Access an Occupied Unit for more information on accessing an occupied unit from the Web Portal.

Any smart device that is able to download the Nokē Storage Smart Entry mobile app can serve as a device for the customer to use by having them sign in with the user's account credentials.

Note: Before troubleshooting a specific user's device, are any other users experiencing the same issue?

New device has the same issue or issue is affecting more than one user:

  • Does the lock have power?
  • Is the hasp in the unlocked position?
  • Have the customer step on the door handle at the bottom of the door to relieve tension on the lock hasp. Now see if the customer can successfully complete an unlock command.
  • Try checking for a low battery or unit controller issue from the Web Portal, See the Battery Status and Lock Settings in the Web Portal tutorial for assistance completing this step.
  • Contact Nokē Support if further troubleshooting is needed.

The new device works without issue:

This means the problem is with the user's device or app version. After completing each step, have the user log in to the mobile app to see if the issue is resolved before continuing to the next step.

  • Have the user Refresh their mobile app, return to an entry point, and then give it a command to open. (Data signal required.) See Understanding Digital Keys.
  • Check that the Bluetooth and Location permissions are enabled.
  • Check your mobile app to see what version it is from the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen. This verifies that the mobile app is up-to-date.
  • Check for an available mobile app update, complete if applicable, assist the user with enabling automatic updates for this app. (Data signal required.)
  • Under phone settings, go into your mobile app details and clear app cache and data.
  • If it's still not working, uninstall the mobile app, then reinstall the Nokē Storage Smart Entry mobile app. (Data signal required.)
  • Power cycle the device by turning it completely off, waiting a minute, and then powering it back up.
  • Contact Nokē Support if further troubleshooting is needed.


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