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ADA Compliance

ADA requirements for self-storage retrofit kit

Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) prohibits private entities from discriminating against individuals with disabilities by maintaining places of business that are not physically accessible. The Act requires that places of public accommodation remove architectural barriers that limit access to or use of the public place. The term “public accommodation” in the ADA generally encompasses all private businesses that offer goods and services to the public, including self storage facilities.

ADA stipulates that for 200 units or less, 5% must be ADA compliant. If more than 200 units, 10 units plus 2% must be compliant. Specific door pulls, signage and door tensioning are required to meet these guidelines.

Janus International is committed to assisting our self storage customers as they make adjustments to meet ADA guidelines.

We have developed a website exclusively for providing retrofit kits and ADA requirements for self-storage units. Please visit www.storagedisabilityproducts.com or email sdp@janusintl.com for more details.

In addition, Janus manufactures Pantheon, an electric door operator, that further makes unit access quick and easy for all tenants.

Click here to view Janus International’s ADA Compliance sheet.