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The Self Storage Industry is Ready for Change

May 31, 2018

New Technology: The Immediate and Lasting Impact for Self-Storage Operators


Unless you live under a rock, you’re probably aware that technology advancements have spread far beyond computer companies. What we’re looking at is a new wave of advancements that are able to make your customers’ lives easier; why wouldn’t you offer them the best experience possible?


A game-changing security product is here and ready to help you offer the most seamless and user-friendly experience for your customers: The Nokē Smart Entry System from Janus. Want to learn more about this revolutionary new step in security technology? Watch this short video!



Noke Screen Capture




If you’re not an early-adopter with integrating new technology into your self-storage facility, you might be surprised how easy it is to implement this new technology and see the immediate benefits.


What kind of benefits? Time. Convenience. Ease of use. Peace of mind. With a smart entry system, you can rest easy knowing the advanced technology is hard at work just for you. Overlock monitoring saves you time by not having to manually check the integrity of manual locks, infrared motion sensor technology ensures that no intruders are trespassing inside the units, and your customers can navigate their storage process using just their smartphones as access points.


With Bluetooth technology, wireless entry, remote access control, digital key sharing, and self-service kiosks, there’s a new wave available for the self-storage industry to jump on and take full advantage of early adoption.


Think Different




It's time to start rethinking the way you position your storage facility. For most tenants, the process of going to their unit to either store new items or pick up existing ones is a hassle; a chunk out of their day that involves remembering a gate code, making sure not to forget the key to their unit, and seriously hoping that no one cut the lock on their roll-up door and made away like a bandit in the night with all their stuff. With the all-new Nokē Smart Entry System, all those sources of anxiety are completely erased. Integration with site management software means that you have round-the-clock monitoring with communication to a call center in case of an emergency or security threat. Knowing there's someone looking out for them can make your tenants feel incredibly safe if they have to make a visit to their unit late at night: way safer than at that other, slightly cheaper and raddy dump of a storage facility around the corner.


At the end of the day, keep it simple. Your customers deserve a convenient, safe and secure storage experience. You deserve to get some of your life hours back instead of worrying about your self-storage facility. This makes it vital that your business keep an ear to the ground for new technology that pops up in the tech world and other industries. Why? Because your competition is probably already doing so.


Click here to check out some additional ways Nokē Smart Entry System can revitalize your self-storage business, and feel free to contact us to talk specifically about how your facility can enter a new era.




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