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Protecting Your Financial Investment

Nov 25, 2019

Handling, Storing, and Protecting Your Commercial Steel Doors

So you've invested in Janus' Commercial Doors and you want to protect that investment by handling, storing, and protecting them properly.. That's great!

Here at Janus, we go above and beyond during production to deliver on quality products while enhancing customer satisfaction through every outlet! That means we focus our operations on saving you time, energy, and money. We achieve this through various ways, including the way we package our commercial steel doors.

Janus' commercial doors are wrapped in roller board packaging to eliminate damage during handling, transporting, and storing prior to installation. This packaging is made of 6ft wide corrugated cardboard that's wrapped around the door to form a protective barrier against harmful elements.

Metal Roll-up doors

So, what should you do with your door between delivery and installation?

While often overlooked, the transition period between delivery and installation is such an important step in the midst of your investment. Any damage to your door could cause it to not work properly, affecting your operations and degrading your investment. To ensure you protect your doors during this limbo period, check out the great tips below! 


Storing Your Commercial Steel Doors

  • Keep them packaged: Until you're ready to install your door, keep them the way you received them! When it comes time for installation, you'll receive specific instructions, including when to take the door's packaging off. We've made detailed and easy to understand instructions to make this process as simple and fast as possible. To view them now, click here
  • Store them inside: To minimize the risk of your door being exposed to harmful environmental elements, store them inside under safe conditions. If your door is outside, debris and elements are more likely to cause damage to your door and it's parts.
  • Make room: Clean the area where you will be storing your doors prior to receiving them. Steel can become scratched and dented easily, especially if it's exposed to debris like rocks and gravel which are common components in commercial/industrial settings.
  • Position them horizontally: Make sure you lay the doors down on a flat surface instead of propping them up against a wall or object.
  • Limit time: Try and avoid storing your commercial doors for extended periods of time prior to installation.


Handling Your Commercial Steel Doors

  • Equipment and procedures: Make sure to use proper lifting equipment and correct lifting procedures to avoid damage or injury when moving or handling your commercial steel doors.
  • Proper installation: Installation, Maintenance, and repairs need to be completed by a proper installer! To learn more on our maintenance recommendations, check out our Operation and Maintenance Manual.
  • Safety Gear: To prevent serious injuries, wear your safety gear at all times when handling your roll-up steel doors.


When you've made the investment in commercial steel doors, no matter the quantity, it's important to do everything on your end to help protect and prolong that investment. With teamwork from both Janus and you combined, you're ensured to have the best, highest quality product for your operation.

Commercial roll-up door

Janus' Commercial Steel Doors, Protect Your Investment.

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