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Janus Podcast Episode 10: An Interview With Roc Hughes

Sep 06, 2019

Self-Storage Renovations: Conversions, Door Replacements, Unit Remixes, And More!


Conversions are becoming an increasing trend in self-storage as large retail stores are closing more and more locations across the country. We sat down with Roc Hughes, Vice President of R3 Division at Janus International, to talk about the importance of doing self-storage renovations the right way, and at the right time.

Roc has more than 18 years’ experience in the self-storage industry and says that there are many different facets that the R3 (Restore, Rebuild, Replace) program covers in relation to optimizing the value of a self-storage facility.


Janus Podcast with Roc Hughes


If you’re a self-storage owner or manager, you don’t want to miss this podcast as it includes Roc’s insight on self-storage door replacements and how a unit remix can increase your occupancy rate and add value to your facility. New construction is still trending, but converting old buildings that were formerly home to Walmart, Toys ‘R Us, and other big box retailers are proving to be ideal sites for self-storage facilities.

Other topics covered in this podcast include:
• Self-storage renovation planning
• Storage conversions and how to choose the right location
• Self-storage remodel checklist
• Scoping out the competition and knowing your customer base
• Self-storage door replacement process
• Construction permits and environmental concerns
• Self-storage feasibility studies


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Image of Roc Hughes

         Roc Hughes |  Vice President, R3 Division (Restore. Rebuild. Replace.)

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