Renaming a Unit

You can rename a unit in the Nokē Smart Entry system via the Web Portal.

Renaming a Unit

Generally, the unit name is created during the installation phase of integrating the Nokē Smart Entry system. So, it's rare for a facility manager to have to rename an existing unit. However, in instances where two units are combined into one, it might be necessary to rename the unit. It’s important that you also change the name in your property management system (PMS) as well.

To rename a unit,

  • From the NSE Web Portal Home page, click the Units tab, and then locate and click on the unit you want to rename.
  • From the Unit form, click the (gear) icon to edit it.
  • Click in the Name field and enter the new name.
  • Click Save Changes.
  • Verify Save Changes again

Make sure the unit has the same name in your PMS. Call Nokē support at 833-257-0240 and inform them of the name change to make sure everything was updated correctly.

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