Hitting the Lease-Up Jackpot: Keylock Storage, Reno Conversion

Check out our case study about converting an existing structure into self-storage!


Keylock Storage

Reno, NV Conversion

In this case study, we explore how the Keylock Storage team selected the site, undertook the massive conversion project, and leveraged the latest technology available to make this a modern self-storage feat. 

We’ll also highlight Keylock’s incredible lease up, unique product offering, and premium pricing model.  Whether you’re looking to convert an existing space into self-storage, acquire a facility in a second-tier market, or build a modern facility with the latest technology, this case study has something for you.  


 In this case study you'll learn:

  • The advantages of conversions 
  • Lessons learned  by owners working on their first self-storage conversion project 
  • What role technology plays in modern self-storage construction 
  • Fully automated move-ins
  • How the owner's leverage technology and customer service to provide a better customer experience than their competitors