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Suggested Maintenance

Suggested Maintenance

Minimize Roll-Up Door Maintenance Costs

Roll-up door maintenance can be costly for self storage facility owners. Self storage facilities often have hundreds of storage units in their facility, which makes it expensive for staff to grease springs and to take the time to gain access to each unit. Janus International Group has recognized that roll-up door maintenance is a high operating cost and has designed a practically maintenance free roll-up door to help alleviate this expense.

Our roll-up doors do not require greasing. The springs that are located inside the barrels come pre-greased, which makes our doors virtually maintenance free. Self storage facilities do not have to perform lengthy door maintenance. Instead, we recommend wiping down guide strips and door curtains to remove dust in between tenant rentals.

For more information on how you can save on roll-up door maintenance expenses, contact our team of experts. One of our self storage professionals will be able to answer all questions that you might have.

Perform Easy Storage Maintenance Care

Instead of forcing businesses to set aside funds for regular maintenance, we have almost eliminated the need for self storage care. We only recommend performing the following maintenance steps once or twice a year between rentals:

  • Clean guide wear strips and the bottom bar astragal by wiping each with a soft cloth. Use a silicone-based restorative protectant solution on the cloth before touching these surfaces.
  • Use warm water and a mild detergent to clean curtain and latch assemblies. A liquid car washing soap is ideal.
  • If the door operation is not working well, adjust the tension. Never try disassembling and greasing springs.
  • Maintenance and repair could be solved by proper install   YouTube

Call us at (770) 562-2850 for knowledge about self storage facility care. Our door maintenance experts can walk you through each step.